The doing your pupil finance application in globe

The doing your pupil finance application in globe

Closing Dates

Applications are actually available for scholastic 12 months 2019-2020.

You possibly can make an application for pupil finance even though you didn’t make an application for student finance early in the day in your program; for instance, if you didn’t submit an application for student finance in 12 months 1 or 12 months 2, it is possible to nevertheless achieve this in 12 months three or four of the course.

Trying to get pupil finance after very first 12 months

For every single 12 months you must send in an application form that you need student finance.

You will need to use the ‘PN1 – Application for student finance form’ (see above) when you first apply for student finance,.

You need to use the ‘PR1 – Application for Continuing Student Finance 2019/20’ form at the following link if you are re-applying:

Pupils whom currently get pupil finance for the present educational 12 months is supposed to be contacted immediately with information about how exactly to submit an application for the approaching year.

You don’t have to deliver proof into the years that are upcoming unless there is an alteration to your position, such as for example modifications to your home earnings or your marital status.

Whom assesses and approves the job

The job and supporting proof would be evaluated by an assessor at your pupil finance local workplacebr A decision about your entitlement to student finance, Student Finance NI will send you a Student Finance Entitlement letter to confirm what will be paid to you and whenAfter your regional office reach.

This letter should be received by you between six and eight months when you delivered the application. This can be much much longer if you are local workplace requirements additional information or proof.

At any right time, you should check the progress of the application during your online account.

Registering and confirming your attendance at university or college

You must take your Student Finance Entitlement letter and your Payment Schedule Letter with you when you register on your course at the start of your first term. Leer más