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Not certain that your Chinese friend is more like an acquaintance or really a close friend? It could be difficult to tell sometimes.

Some areas of relationship are universal, but you can find items that are unique about Chinese culture in terms of the manner in which you treat someone you’re near to.

If you ask me, the way in which a Chinese person acts around a detailed buddy is pretty distinctive from how they treat an acquaintance.

Whenever you can relate with some of the after, then congratulations since your Chinese buddy likely considers you to definitely be an in depth buddy!

1. They truly are no longer polite around you

You’ve surely got to be polite whenever you meet that is first, needless to say, however when Chinese folks are near to someone, they often times stop while using the polite gestures.

Plus in reality, if you remain courteous with a buddy, then you may also be unknowingly keeping them far away.


A pal when told me personally to stop saying “please” and “thank you” because it made her feel uncomfortable with her.

When you reach a certain familiarity and comfort and ease with one another, then your “qЗђng” and “xiГЁ xie” stop because doing good or helpful things for every other is merely anticipated. Leer más