Recognizing The Five Stages In A Relationship

Having a sense of humour isn’t just about telling jokes or listening to him tell a joke it’s about having eye contact and knowing that you both find a certain situation funny. It’s absolutely hilarious when you both find something amusing and try to explain to others what it is exactly that’s got you both giggling like school children. Sometimes there is no answer to all the giggling but when you both start you just can’t stop. It’s really lovely when you can laugh together; it brings you so much closer. The shared funny moments will also give you something to talk about later when you discuss the thing that it was that set you both off laughing.

Be understanding to what he wants and you yourself will enjoy a peaceful existence. If you start putting obstacles in his way he will start to resent you. You need to be understanding so that you can both live in harmony. Men want to be successful because success is seen as the main goal in life. To have the big house, the fast car, the wallet full of money.

Men want peace of mind because the holy grail of wellbeing is knowing you’ve done the right thing. Making the right decisions together and knowing you’ve done everything in your power to achieve a positive fair result will give you both peace of mind. Peace of mind is a mental state that will bring tranquillity into your lives. Men want peace of mind because they may have had a stressful day at work.

He will be on edge in case friends or relatives decide to call around to pay you a visit. He wouldn’t want them to walk into a dirty house.

You know the saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ be tough for him and recognise his need for success and you will both reach your goals. Men want a woman to have a sense of humour because laughter is a great anecdote to the busy and stressful lives we sometimes have to deal with. If you can make each other laugh it will bring you even closer together.

  • If you do not respect your partner, you have cheating tendencies, plus all things ugly.
  • Just like in basketball, if players do not respect everything about the sport, they play dirty to win.
  • But as you grow up, you realise that love is not as simple as saving the person dear to you from her stepmother, an apple, or a curse.
  • While committing to a relationship is no game, same thing applies.
  • If you have only been talking for a few weeks and you already have doubts, it is important not to just push them aside.

How To Use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind To Change Your Life – Dr. Bruce Lipton (Ep.

It would make you both look lazy and nobody wants to be thought of as lazy. You can’t possibly kiss and cuddle while all around you the place is looking like a dump. You need to get on top of it and get it sorted.

These are all signs of success and everyman wants to enjoy success because along with success comes power. If you can understand his need for success he will look to you as a strong ally. You’ll be there for him as he tries to be as good as he can be. You’ll work through all the things he needs to achieve the level of success he wants. It would be fantastic if you could share the success with him, knowing you’ve done everything you can for him will be very much appreciated.

They may have made a decision that they are unsure about. By discussing together the implications of the decision he will come to realise that it was after all the right decision and he was right to make it. Life can be full of surprises that have to be dealt with and knowing you’ve dealt with them in the correct manner will give you that feeling of peace of mind. Men want a clean house because they want to sit down and relax. It is impossible to relax when there are dishes in the sink, or the dust is piling up on the sideboard.