Fresh Prince Pickup Lines

Fresh Prince Pickup Lines

«Girl you need to be tired….cause you’ve been running all the way through my mind all time»

“How about some fries!” “I’m tryin’ to get me personally some honey’s myself a lil’ sticky…YA KNOW WHAT I’M SAYIN’!? so I can get”

“I think I’ve seen your photo somewhere before… oh yeah that is right, it had been within the dictionary close to KABLAM!”

“You understand what they state behind every man that is successful a girl, however, if you wished to switch roles I will be with that too.”

“Hurry up and write your quantity down it forget about. before we don’t want”

«Baby, I’m sayin’: “Bing blang bluesy, me and you also within the Jacuzzi!”

“Girl you appear brilliant i wish I possibly could grow both you and develop a entire field of y’all.”

“Somebody call the cops, s cause it surely got to be unlawful to appear that good!”

“Girl, i got eventually to let you know, that suit appears like a piece of ‘Good God’ wrapped up in certain ‘Have Mercy,’ by having a part of ‘unghm!’”

“i would think about allowing you to be beside me.”

“Hey woman, you appear brilliant, I’d marry your sibling merely to be in family.”

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