Erika Ishii Voices Amanda in Dating Simulator: Dream Daddy

Erika Ishii Voices Amanda in Dating Simulator: Dream Daddy


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What’s got hot dads, puns galore, and our really Erika that is own Ishii? The Dream Daddy game!

Erika isn’t just a great host of Game motor, she’s additionally an accomplished sound actress, having done focus on Youtube, video gaming, and also the Skip Beat! anime! Her voice project that is latest, Dream Daddy is originating away on Steam July 13th!

Dream Daddy is really a simulator that is dating on dads. Yep, you heard me personally appropriate; bad-joke-making, bearded, Chinos-wearing papas (as well as other types, too). Your character is a loving single father on the seek out his perfect partner and — hey! You’re in luck! You’ve simply moved into Maple Bay, a seaside town virtually full of date-able dads! You’ll get choose of father figures, such as the teacher that is studious, the broody goth dad, as well as a poor child dad (prepare for ‘the smolder’). Woo them in many minigames and sidequests to locate your personal blissful partner.

“It ended up being vital that you us to help make a game title that has been wholesome, good, and significant. Beginning with all the notion of a Dad Dating Simulator really and truly just provided us the chance to write one thing with heart that didn’t need certainly to take it self too really. ” says Vernon, “The tale and figures have actually come to mean a great deal to us by this time and now we wish that individuals like it up to we do.”

Leighton adds: “I grew up in a single-parent home and that ended up being a large driving force for the narrative in this video game. It could be this kind of lonely thing, but going right on through therefore much with that one moms and dad brings you closer together and you will actually observe adult friend finder that into the player Dad’s relationship along with their child.”

When you look at the game, you’ll get to personalize your very own dad and lead him through a heartwarming story of dating and fatherhood. Leer más

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fifteen questions

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